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In two instances, 2000 and 1929, it gave two warnings; the Armenia Phone Number List first a correction months before peaking, and the second after peaking. Declines after the initial peak ranged from 14.9% to 4.3% with an average of 10.8% and a median of 11.6%. In three out of the nine cases, 2007, 1973 and 1946, the second peak was lower than the first. The range was from a loss of 7.4% to a gain of with an average of  median. Taking out the 1929, 7.4% outlier, the average was -0.63% and the median -1.6%. The time between the two peaks ranged from 30 days to 5.4 months with an average of 96.7 days. And a median of 93 days.

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Starting from the premise we are in the beginning stages of a major bear market. And having gone through a 10% correction. What is in store for us? Surveying the data, it turns out we are average. There seemed to be no relationship between the severity of the bear market. And the time lapse between the two peaks. However, five out of the six times the market went through a bonfire correction, 10% or more, it took months, between 2.9 and 5.4 months, for the market to top and begin its downturn in earnest. The notable exception was the Crash of 1929, which only took 37 days between the first and seconds peaks.

Armenia Phone Number List
Armenia Phone Number List

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Although there was no consistent pattern for depth of the initial decline and the total decline, it is notable that the four largest initial drops led to declines of 49% or more – a level only achieved by the 1973 bear market after only a 4.3% decline. There is no discernible relationship between the initial decline and second peak level, nor the total decline and second peak level. It could be that Morgan Stanley’s prediction this Monday, that a slowdown may loom starting in the second quarter, may be correct. We have already gone above the -7.4% level from 1929, so it would seem this market does not correlate all that well to that one and the wait to the next decisive peak will be measured in months.

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