Ranking of the Ecommerce That Sell the Most in Spain by Sector 2021

E-SHOW, the reference fair in ecommerce and digital marketing, has recently published its Ecommerce Guide to Spain 2021 . In it, he has classified the 300 digital stores that sell the most in our country based on the turnover achieved in 2020. After that, Do you want to Panama B2B List know which are the eCommerce that sell the most in Spain? Do not miss their conclusions! Do you want to learn more about how to successfully optimize your eCommerce? Click here and download the most complete manual on how to grow your sales and web traffic to your digital business.

Top 5 Ecommerce Sales in Spain

In conclusion, Ranking of the eCommerce that sells the most in Spain by sector top 5 eCommerce sales in Spain First of all, we are going to see the 5 online stores that sold the Panama B2B List most in Spain at a global level:Amazon:  invoiced in 2020. Although it does not offer the shipping facilities of Amazon, this e-commerce has carved a niche for itself thanks to the wide variety of products offered and its low prices. The English Court:  A classic trade in our country that has been able to take advantage of the pull of online.


The Ecommerce With the Most Sales in Each Sector

Panama B2B List

The undisputed leader in furniture and home products. Carrefour : €916,183,628. This supermarket is at the forefront of the food and beverage sector. An interesting fact is that all the eCommerce in this top 5 increased their turnover in 2020 since the coronavirus pandemic was a great boost for electronic commerce. Above all, eCommerce with the most sales in each sector Feeding As we have just seen, Carrefour is ahead in this sector. It is followed by Mercadona, with a turnover of 469 million euros in 2020, and Dia , with 427 million. home and decoration This sector stands out for the great value of the average purchase ticket, since both Ikea and Conforama exceed 200 euros on average.

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