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Strategy is something else. It consists of designing a digital plan consistent with business objectives . And based on an in-depth analysis of the digital market. This allows us to have a fairly exact idea of the characteristics of our audience. Their digital Belize phone number behavior. Etc.. To prepare a justified action plan. That is to say. That there is an argument about why and what each of the tools activated in the plan are used for. This is the difference between operational digital marketing and strategic digital marketing . In B2B digital projects. Unlike what happens in the B2C sector. The operational part usually has a greater role than the strategic part. The result.

Regardless of whether the project is more or less successful. Is a high probability of devoting efforts to a set of unrelated actions and tools. Why investing in a B2B digital marketing strategy can be an excellent idea Fortunately. It seems that B2B companies are Belize phone number assuming that digital marketing is something much more serious and effective than what they had been told. More and more professionals are aware that results such as increased visits to the web can be achieved through different tools. But that obtaining qualified business opportunities . With a real impact on the income statement. Requires a strategic plan. In addition. It seems clear that we are facing a change of cycle.

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The mckinsey report warns that 90% of those surveyed already close their sales through digital tools such as webinars. Videoconferences or sales through the web; and a large part of the companies in the sector admit that digital interactions have gained between double and triple their importance compared to the previous situation. Even in our country. 60% of Belize phone number companies recognize that the remote model is as effective or more than the traditional one; which predicts a change in trend in business processeseven when the pandemic is over. However. Much remains to be done. Starting with awareness raising. Perhaps this is the decisive opportunity to get down to work. Since. As the EALDE study concludes. The commercial departments will be the most affected by the pandemic.

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But they will also be the ones that take the initiative in the recovery after the crisis. And that recovery. Right now. Happens yes or yes through the Internet as a new commercial channel . The challenges that companies will have to face in the coming months Be that as it may. It is clear that the market will be very volatile and that brands will have to speak to a Belize phone number consumer who is more homemade than usual and more concerned about health. Tags trends 2021 forecasts marketing strategy read later favorites Digital Marketing Courses Digital Marketing programmatic What awaits consumers when we turn the page of the calendar and 2020 gives way to 2021? Doing pools in these times.

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In which the coronavirus causes things to change at breakneck speeds and in which it seems impossible to know what will happen not a month but even a week away. Seems too risky. Even so. Brands and companies need those plans. Because they Belize phone number are the ones that help them outline their strategies and determine how and in what to invest resources. As Warc points out. In times of volatility it is more difficult than ever for brands to plan for the long term. Despite all this. They must do it. Therefore. They need to know what is coming and how the market will evolve. It seems unquestionable that the effect of the coronavirus will continue in the future. Even beyond the end of the pandemic and the appearance of efficient resources to cut the spread of the disease.

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