Research Report With a 200 billion “gold mine”, how should the domestic customer Turkey Mobile Number

The Internet has not yet been popularize and traditional. Service channels such as telephone calls and meetings are used to communicate and contact customers, and call center services are the main service. Call centers can be divide into self-built call centers and outsource call centers according to the nature of their use.

With the popularization of the Internet, enterprises gradually use online customer service software to contact customers. Compare with traditional customer service, online customer service can realize one-to-many service, which greatly improves the work efficiency of customer service personnel.

The third generation of customer service: intelligent customer service

With the development of Turkey Mobile Number mobile Internet and social media, the customer traffic entrance of many enterprises has change from PC-base to hybrid and decentralize. For enterprises, more targete products are need to provide refine services. Improve user experience. According to statistics from the. China Enterprise Data Report, in recent years, the number of small and medium-size enterprises in my country has been increasing at a rate of 300,000 per month. It is estimate that by 2018, the number of small and medium-size enterprises in the country will reach 3,580, an increase of 43.2%

Problems existing in traditional customer service and online customer service

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The demographic dividend disappears, and the cost of employing units will be higher and higher.

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet. APPs, social media, and other smart devices have gradually become the main sources of customer service information. Traditional customer service technologies represente by call centers are simple to implement. Have low communication efficiency, and cannot cover multiple channels.

(3) The efficiency of customer service staff is low

The traditional “one-to-one” work scenario of. Customer service makes the service more “busy”, resulting in poor customer experience and high customer service complaint rate.

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