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Noting that this is despite Amazon increasing the ad load on its pages. Of results. For Prime users. In fact. The ads are still not the most annoying thing. Although 15% recognize that they are. The 18% who believe that the worst thing about the Amazon Greece phone number is the quality of the products still wins. Of course. Half of the respondents in that study say they have not had a bad experience with the site. The end of 902 phones is getting closer: a legislative change will end the burden of pay phones in customer service A ruling by the European Union justice had already made it clear a couple of years ago that this type of telephone went against the rights of consumers Tags Customer Support phones902 marketing read later favorites 0 ads Marketing and Communication Agency.

15 years innovating for brands Customer service is one of the basic elements in the relationship between consumers and companies. Giving good service. Especially after sales and in case of problems. Has become a differentiating element. Consumers Greece phone number speak wonders of those companies that do and often recommend them to other potential consumers. Good customer service is thus an element of added value that differentiates in the market and offers good returns. However. Not all companies have learned that lesson and not all are offering customer service worthy of having a positive impact on the consumer. There are those that are slow.

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Those that do not solve problems and those that force their customers to pay for contacting them using the highly criticized 902 phones. 902 phones are not free and the consumer must bear a cost for contacting the company they want to call. Something that Greece phone number arouses complaints and discomfort. Especially when what you are dealing with is a claim and you know that you are going to face minutes and more minutes of waiting. You just have to do a quick Google search for one of these phones to find links that promise to say what normal equivalent phone (which is usually free in the calling plans of telecommunications operators) can replace it.

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Expensive and illegal As the OCU explained not long ago. Regardless of the type of 902 phone. The user must pay the full cost of the call. Which is often similar to that of an interprovincial call. “The price of a 5-minute call from a Movistar landline is 0.56 Greece phone number euros. But from a mobile it jumps to 2.82 euros.” they estimated at the time. In their analysis they made it clear that these telephones – as well as the 901 – were not born thinking that companies would make a profit from them. But that telephone companies encouraged companies to use them because they report very high margins.

Consumers While Greece Phone Number

A 2017 Facua study . When the consumer association launched a campaign against this type of customer service phones. Concluded that more than half of the companies analyzed used high-cost 902 for customer service. The presence was in all kinds of Greece phone number companies. From airlines to gas and electricity companies through banks or insurance companies. “Many of the companies that make it necessary to call lines with this prefix when consumers have a problem or need to make an inquiry. Earn money with each call they receive.” Facua denounced at the time. Be that as it may. Then. This type of numbering was already breaking the law.

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