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Generation Y also sees added value in collaborating with other generations. “Everyone contributes something different. Experienced people have more knowledge about how the hares run and we know more about the digital world. The balance between them is very nice”, shares Tim. Naomi finds working with only colleagues from her own generation both hip and dynamic and a bit boring. She also values ​​diversity. The experts by experience Stay up to date.

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It is important that organizations stay up-to-date. What we see is that the young generation has a great ability to innovate. They have many ideas, but little influence. Do you want to bind them to you? Then take them seriously and listen Singapore Phone Number to the ideas.” In addition, Geertje indicates that the young generation considers climate and sustainability to be important themes. “Show the position of the organization and do so in an open and honest way. Because if you’re not sincere and authentic, this generation will see right through it.

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It is important that you let this point of view resonate throughout the entire business.” For Tim, junk presents are no longer of this time. Sustainability is important, even in something as small as business gifts. Anne agrees: “A present is only really nice if it is well thought out.” Another example of moving with the times is adjusting your communication. With fluent and connecting language, instead of ‘we from the MT’, you are guaranteed to achieve more success with this group. Audience and keyword research Competition research Local search optimization Page optimization Links Blog Support Analyzes Expert Support Target Audience and Keywords How internet users interact with the content on your website is one of the criteria that affects your organic ranking. That’s why it’s important that you understand the search intent.

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