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In 2021, the average for these types of search terms will still be higher than in 2019. Google Trends takeaway. It was also important for Canada Phone Number List many stores to switch to online shopping. For consumers, this was one of the few ways to shop. Especially when the first lockdown took place, there was a lot of interest in the search term.

Trends Since online shopping

The average search interest for online shopping will also remain high in 2021. This will probably also remain high because it suits you well. Another interesting development is the search behavior for discount codes. In the first months of the lockdown, people worldwide went looking for discount codes more often.

Canada Phone Number List
Canada Phone Number List

This may also have been a result of many stores offering a “corona discount” because they could not be fully open or provide the service they normally provided. Trend #3. Local becomes important There has also been a greater interest in local businesses. During the first lockdown, a lot of attention was paid to actions such as “support local businesses” or support your local business.

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