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About one week and 1,100 awesome designs later. Belize WhatsApp Number List. our first ever graphic design political forum is now closed. In case you didn’t hear.we invited the community to sound its visual voices by re-forming and re-invigorating.Belize WhatsApp Number List.  the Republican Party and Democratic Party logos (in an unofficial capacity). The results were wonderfully opinionated, ranging from outright mockery. to inspiring belief in progress. Selecting the top 8 designs 4. Democratic Party logos and 4. Republican Party logos — was certainly not easy. However, the following logos ultimately stood out from the crowd for their unique and thoughtful concepts, memorable personalities and careful executions.

About one week and 1,100 awesome

Take a look, and then cast your vote for the winners. Design by n4t — Depok, Belize WhatsApp Number List. Belize WhatsApp Number List. Indonesia Projects won: 74 Summary: bowler hat — an iconic and dignified symbol for the people. harkening back to the days of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. the only Democratic president to serve 4 terms. Design by rotred. Newcastle Upon Tyne.UK Projects won: 52 Summary: D/fingers in the “A-Ok” formation/donkey viewing its own tail. (“if we look at the past. we can see a vision of the future” – rotred says with perhaps a hint of irony) Design by Ajoy Paul — Durgapur, India Projects won: 3 Summary: hourglass — “conservative politics sometimes feels like a clock running in reverse …

Take a look, and then cast your vote for the winners

Belize WhatsApp Number List
Belize WhatsApp Number List

this design shows that the proper progression of time is on the side of. Belize WhatsApp Number List. the Democratic Party” – Ajoy Paul Design by dasx — New York, NY, USA Projects won: 21 Summary: an R stands atop the elephant’s circus platform, which can also evoke the platforms on which politicians traditionally deliver speeches. Infer from this what you will. Design by alexspec — Constanta, Romania Projects won: 27 Summary: telescope — “Belize WhatsApp Number List. the goal of any party in power should be scientific progress. Richard Nixon (a Republican) was in office. during the first ever manned moon landing, in 1969. This logo brings that back to mind” – alexspec Design by happiness4every1 — Ubud, Indonesia Projects won: 4 Summary: Rearing

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