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The consumer just has to do ‘it’. Starting a new sport, completing Uganda Phone Number a marathon, following your dreams or standing up for an important social theme. And all of this preferably in an outfit from Nike. Just do it , also watch this campaign video ;). Which call, campaign Uganda Phone Number or notification gets you moving? Or which CTA puts you off? We are curious. Let us know in the comments! (Oops, this was the last one…) Conversion-oriented writing Readers often make Uganda Phone Number emotional decisions. If you want to learn how to influence their choices through smart copywriting techniques and drive more conversions, some useful training might help.

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Learn what (potential) customers really want and Uganda Phone Number get started with tempting titles, powerful action words and irresistible calls-to-actions. Curious?Binding and captivating employees requires an integrated approach. In the current labor Uganda Phone Number market, attracting and retaining employees is an increasing challenge for most organizations. And it will remain so for years to come. How do you ensure that talent chooses you and then stays with Uganda Phone Number you? And how can an Employee Value Proposition contribute to this? We believe that building one strong brand is essential.

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A strong brand attracts customers, and also makes Uganda Phone Number it clear to (potential) employees why they should choose your company or organization. What we don’t believe in is building an employer brand as a separate HR activity. Precisely when Uganda Phone Number marketing and HR join forces to build one strong brand, everything adds up: the story you Uganda Phone Number tell the customer, the story towards your own employees, and – much more importantly – how you subsequently deliver on that. Internally and externally. Opt for an integrated approach.

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