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People who are in a situation that causes a lot of Portugal Phone Number stress (for example, due to debt) may need different support than someone who is not experiencing stress. How do they help them when they need to arrange their affairs? That too is inclusiveness: involving Portugal Phone Number people who experience something in different ways. Why is inclusive research important? As many as one in three Dutch people is often exclud from research because they are unable to Portugal Phone Number participate due to limit health skills. The level of reading, writing or digital skills or because they live in socially vulnerable situations.

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That’s a lot! Inclusive research is important first of Portugal Phone Number all because it concerns such a large group – which is now often not seen and heard. I dare say that your research is actually not good if it is not representative in such a way. Especially when you Portugal Phone Number consider that it is precisely these groups of people who benefit (the most) from research. With the recommendations arising from inclusive research. We can ensure that services provide Portugal Phone Number by a government or public organization better match the wishes, needs and skills of this vulnerable group of people. This ensures that they end up in the right place with their questions, or receive the right information or assistance.

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Which subsequently ensures that they are Portugal Phone Number help (earlier) with care, debt problems, education, integration and so on. By involving people in a socially vulnerable situation in research, we can reduce the gap/distance between Portugal Phone Number organizations and ‘society’, and ensure that everyone can participate. Starting points, tips & tricks What should you pay attention to when conducting inclusive research? I sum it up for you: 1. Awareness A first Portugal Phone Number principle is the awareness that inclusive research is important. It really makes a difference when we are aware that it is important to hear this group.

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