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Research by SHRMshows that 47% of HR professionals consider Find Your Phone Number employee retention the biggest challenge in human resource management. It is more efficient and cost-effective to retain high-quality employees than to recruit a replacement employee of the same Find Your Phone Number quality. Internal business gifts to express appreciation can help with this. In addition, personal employee gifts make an employee feel more integrated within the company. He or she can Find Your Phone Number even become a brand ambassador and propagate this to the outside world. This obviously improves your image, and people want to work for you! This lowers recruitment costs in the future.

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Of course you can thank your staff all year round with a Find Your Phone Number personally chosen gift: it is the element of surprise that scores highly. For example, choose merchandise that is useful for work. Whether this is a laptop backpack, headphones or in-ear plugs, notebooks Find Your Phone Number with your own logo or pens, or a handy printed drinking bottle. In addition, you can also hand out great staff gifts that can be used outside of work. From printed candles to cutting boards and Find Your Phone Number wine sets, to Bluetooth speakers and complete travel cases. sustainable-promotional-gift-campaign It can ensure customer retention Various studies show that generating new customers costs on average five times more than investing in existing customers.

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With an appropriate marketing strategy you can strengthen Find Your Phone Number the bond and relationship with existing customers. This results in loyal customers; the golden words for every marketer. Research shows that 79% of consumers want to do business with a Find Your Phone Number company again after receiving a gift. The type of promotional gift and the moment at which you give it are important. For example, sustainable business gifts that contribute to the environment are Find Your Phone Number very popular these days. The surprise effect also scores high. During a surprise, our brain has a temporary focus. Other mental processes are put on hold for a brief moment.

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