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Using your own dropdown lists I use this tip a lot Malta Phone Number myself. Suppose you have created a content schedule for your social channels in a spreadsheet with a few colleagues. For each post, you also want to note which of the colleagues makes and schedules Malta Phone Number this post. You can manually enter names in a separate column each timeā€¦ but you can do that more efficiently with a dropdown list! Create a column in a separate tab in your spreadsheet, in which you Malta Phone Number enter all the names of your colleagues. These can be full names, but abbreviations allow you to narrow the column and save space. Go to the tab where you want to use such a dropdown list.

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Select the column or row where you want to Malta Phone Number make it and right click. Select ‘Data Validation’. Here you can still adjust the cell range if you want and then you can set the criteria. In this case I choose ‘List based on a range’. Next to it you can Malta Phone Number enter a range. You can manually enter the references, but I click on the blocks to select the data range. Then go to the tab with the list and select the cells you want to use (click on the first cell, hold down Malta Phone Number Shift and click on the last cell to choose the whole list). You will then see in the box ‘Select a data range’ for example. Then click OK. Make sure ‘Show dropdown menu in cell’ is checked and click ‘Save.

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Create Spreadsheet dropdown list with data Malta Phone Number validation. Now you see in the tab that you can choose names for your social planning. Useful! You can also automatically assign colors to these cells with conditional formatting with the Malta Phone Number first tip in this article. Create Spreadsheet dropdown list for your schedule. You can also use this option with lists to show the status of a project (for example: to do , in progress, on hold , ready) and again Malta Phone Number with conditional formatting the colors adjust the cells. Then you can see the status of your projects at a glance.

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