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For months to come. Studies have been showing that investment in marketing and advertising is going to be one of the elements that will be affected by this crisis. Companies are cutting back and their marketers need to think more carefully about what they Saudi arabia phone number are going to spend their money on. They should calmly measure what is worth spending and what is not. They should also avoid platitudes and get sucked into what seem like quick fixes to shrinking budgets or what almost seems like an obvious cut (but isn’t really). And it is that. After all. These types of errors are quite common and recurring in times of crisis. You only have to think about what brands did during the economic crisis a decade ago to understand it. An analysis by Gartner. Published in a column in marketingdive .

Points out precisely three mistakes that are being repeated during this crisis when it comes to adjusting marketing budgets. They are the moves that marketers make to apply cuts and meet what is expected of them during the coronavirus crisis. But they Saudi arabia phone number are essentially mistakes that will weigh down the overall marketing strategy. With 59% of marketers expecting a budget cut of more than 5% and the remaining third expecting it to be at least 15% (Gartner data). How the cuts will be applied has become even more crucial. . Not making mistakes is essential for the survival of the brand. Making cuts across the board and imposing unrealistic targets For many marketers. Cutting back is not an option but an obligation.

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The companies they work for are tightening their budgets across the board to survive this year. And the marketing department has no choice but to do the same. The question is not so much about having to make cuts. But more about how those cuts are made Saudi arabia phone number and what is expected of them. The first problem in the activity of marketers and their budgets in the year of the coronavirus is. As the Gartner analyst explains. That cuts are made across the board and linked to unrealistic goals. Sometimes. These cuts are based on what. A priori. Seems to be a certain idea of justice. For example. Cut the same in all areas so as not to harm some more than others. However.

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And as they explain in the analysis. This search for justice for all departments is an error of realism. Not all areas of marketing work the same and not all have the same effects. The cuts must start from the reality of the market and from trying to ensure that the Saudi arabia phone number long. Medium and short term objectives will be achieved. Some areas create easier conditions to make cuts: they are not as crucial or not working as well. In addition. And as the analysis insists. General cuts cannot be made because the value of the investments is not the same. Some areas have higher returns and are much stronger than others. Reduce innovation because you have to apply the scissors The second big mistake they identify is to focus cuts on marketing innovation.

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Things were going well for innovation before the coronavirus crisis (it was a fifth of the investment made by marketing departments). But in times of cutbacks. Innovation often goes badly. Usually. Measuring the results of innovation and the investment made in it is difficult. So it is more complex to justify continuing to do this work. The scissors usually start there. And Saudi arabia phone number that is an error. They denounce from Gartner. If innovation is not measured well. How those measurements are made will have to change. In addition. Innovation is key to the future. The companies that continue to innovate during economic crises are the ones that come out of them better off. Thinking that cheap is better because it reduces costs Sometimes cheap is good. A bargain to take advantage of. Others. However. No matter how cheap something is. It is not profitable.

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