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You are going to spend less money. True. But it is going to go to something that is not needed or that will not offer the return that you want. And that is precisely one of the things that is happening in times of crisis cutbacks (and what happens in all times of Russia phone number crisis). Marketers sometimes get carried away with what they think is a bargain and assume that less cost is ultimately more value. For example. Now they could take the opportunity to enter television with their ads because prices have fallen. But is it really worth doing and will it offer an interesting return in some way? The important thing is to continue betting on the right channel for your brand. Not the one that is directly the cheapest.

This is how agencies will have to change between now and 2025: faster in a more impatient market Agencies cannot afford business as usual if they want to survive market changes Tags agencies marketing advertising forecasts read later favorites Digital Russia phone number Marketing Courses Digital Marketing programmatic In recent years. Agencies have faced a highly changing scenario. Things have ceased to be the way they had traditionally been. A tradition that went back a long time and that had turned agencies into one of those almost unquestionable constants in the market. However. Social changes. Market changes and those generated by the irruption of the internet have turned their situation upside down and have threatened their survival. The effects of the coronavirus crisis.

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Which have hit all industries and all areas of work. Have only accelerated this process of change. But what should agencies work on to prepare for the immediate future and what should they promote to position themselves more solidly? In principle. They must accept that they are facing a problem and that they cannot continue to cling to the claims of the past. That is Russia phone number to say. Things have changed completely. Whether they like it or not. And continuing to maintain the same criteria and tools that they used in the past will not allow them to continue occupying the positions they had in the past in the future. They must assume that they have entered a new era. And. To continue. They must work on what this new era and this new scenario entails. Things are now different and the agencies must guide their movements accordingly.

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Therefore. Agencies need to create a clear vision of where the market is going and how their role will change in this new scenario. Companies are asking for different things from them and these new demands will accelerate in the near future. Agencies must Russia phone number create a clear outline of what the next five years will entail and how they will connect with clients in that scenario. It could be said that there are a number of clear trends and unquestionable keywords that agencies must take into account. As they demonstrate in a column by The Drum in which they analyze what is to come for agencies in the next 5 years. Everything can be summed up using the words speed. Impatience and new roles. The key points From the outset. Everything will work faster. It’s already doing it now.

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As they explain in the analysis. You can no longer spend 12 months profiling and designing a campaign. Everything must flow faster. Because the market and consumers are working that way. Everything is more ephemeral: the useful life of campaigns and brand messages is much shorter. Getting messages to stick in brand memories is a challenge that is becoming Russia phone number more complicated every day and in which the pace of production must be more accelerated. Furthermore. Brands do not compete solely with other brands. There are more and more elements that try to capture your attention and take a few seconds of your time. From clickbait to influencers. Passing through a whole range of content in between. Agencies must work faster and be producing elements that fit into that context very quickly.

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