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Prioritize Sales Funnels 7. Building on ‘own land’ Claiming thought Senegal Phone Number leadership: have the guts! 1. See thought leadership as a marketing strategy Attempts to claim thought leadership often stem from a marketing desire. It is often born from the idea that if you Senegal Phone Number position yourself as the expert and knowledge leader in the field. Potential customers will discover and approach you more often. Sometimes that works. But only if your actions really ensure that you Senegal Phone Number are seen as a thought leader and you act accordingly. That seems obvious, but the latter is often lacking. Claiming thought leadership is more of an organizational strategy than a marketing strategy.

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It requires adjustments in your internal Senegal Phone Number organization and processes. A thought leader should be innovative and introduce new insights. Concepts or methods. The thought leader occasionally shakes up the field or industry, and the image that Senegal Phone Number exists of it. You cannot achieve that with ‘just’ the marketing department. It requires time, resources and (mental) space for research and innovation. With understanding and a safety net for Senegal Phone Number possible mistakes. Also take into account possible additional costs. Not counting the marketing costs. Claiming thought leadership also requires rethinking the customer groups you focus on.

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Which new and existing customers might no longer Senegal Phone Number fit the thought leadership sought? And which customers reinforce that? For example, it could be that you are more likely to opt for customers with more status or a better match than for customers Senegal Phone Number with a higher return. The choices you make in this regard can have consequences. Be Senegal Phone Number prepar for an interesting discussion about this between sales, marketing and finance. 2. Excellent expertise is not enough No innovation, no thought leadership. Being able to, but above all daring to innovate, is a hallmark of thought leaders.

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