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Your newsletter will have a separate page, where all editions Paraguay Phone Number are bundl and where you can also recruit new subscribers. There are also interaction options under each edition, as you are use to from LinkedIn. You can comment, like or share the Paraguay Phone Number newsletter. This is how you start a LinkedIn newsletter yourself As a company, go to your company page and click on ‘write an article’. At the top you will find a button ‘create newsletter’ (see video). Share Paraguay Phone Number here the title and description of your newsletter, plus how often you want to send it. Think carefully about this, you can change this later, but then there is a chance that your subscribers will drop out again.

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You can choose between Paraguay Phone Number daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly. This is not something LinkedIn sticks to, but to create the right expectation among your subscribers. Also don’t forget to add an appealing image, the Paraguay Phone Number recommended size is 300 x 300 pixels. Then you can start filling your newsletter, via the editor with which you also write articles. This can be anything besides text: Videos (YouTube videos are shown embed in the Paraguay Phone Number newsletter), images and slides Left, also outside the platform cover image LinkedIn newsletter on personal account.

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Do you want to create a newsletter with your Paraguay Phone Number personal account? You can, but there are a few requirements. To be able to start a LinkedIn newsletter yourself, you must first turn on the ‘Creator mode’ on your account. This is only possible if you Paraguay Phone Number have more than 150 followers, you are active on the platform and you have already published articles. Insight into still limited statistics And then it’s time, your first newsletter! Of course you want Paraguay Phone Number to know how it does it. So, what kind of stats does LinkedIn make available? First of all, you can of course see who is subscribed and how many, but unfortunately you can’t download that list (yet).

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