The Event on Electronic Commerce

The IEBS Business School organizes eCommerce Day , an online event in which leading experts in electronic commerce will participate. These will tell, from their own experience, how to successfully create and reinvent an eCommerce. IEBS celebrate el eComm Australia Phone Number erce Day A growing sector during 2020 The e-commerce sector, especially in the wake of the pandemic, has grown exponentially. In fact, according to a study carried out by IEBS, 83.7% of Spanish Internet users say that the pandemic has prompted them to use the Internet more to buy compared to traditional commerce .

A Growing Sector During 2020

In addition, 87% of Spanish commerce ensure that their billing has increased in 2020 and 76.1% plan to bill more in 2021. On the other hand, the growth of the sector does not ensure the success of creating an online business. The key Australia Phone Number to the survival of eCommerce is a continuous reinvention with a focus on improving the user experience more flexible, intuitive and personalized. Event schedule In this context, eCommerce Day is celebrat,

Event Schedule

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A day so that those who want to create or reinvent. Their electronic commerce can learn from internationa.L professionals and the best. Practices to carry out. The event will cover topics as relevant. Today as the rise of tik tok ads and social australia phone number ads in digital marketing. Strategies for ecommerce, tips for managing. A shopify online store, keys to creating a strategy. With influencers and references ecommerce cases , among other things. The program of talks is made up of experts such as David Morán, Head of digital & ecommerce at Muroexe and Founder of Serendipia Agency, Jorge Uríos , CEO and Filiatly, Unai Curiel.

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