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Bringing innovation requires time, space and research. Research Slovenia Phone Number reveals data that others do not yet have. This provides new insights that can lead to other, innovative methods, products or services. Or to an entirely new concept that has previously gone Slovenia Phone Number unnoticed within a field. Innovation also requires well thought-out processes, so that you know that you are doing thorough research and that the innovative products or services deliver what they Slovenia Phone Number promise. But innovation also requires courage and that brings me to the third pitfall. 3. Walking Safe Marketing Paths Walking the safe paths will not get you there. But if you want to innovate, it does entail risks.

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Financial risks and risks to your reputation. Change Slovenia Phone Number often encounters resistance. Whether it concerns new products, services or new research. That resistance can translate into ruthless criticism and then you have to be strong to persevere. Sincere Slovenia Phone Number thought leadership is therefore not something you can safely develop in the shadows. At a certain point you take it outside and you stand there with your innovation, other insights and vision: open and Slovenia Phone Number vulnerable. In addition, you need guts to create content that really supports your thought leadership.

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Because that content should be different from the Slovenia Phone Number usual content in your regular content strategy. use expert content when claiming thought leadership 4. Using common content and techniques A lot of content tends to mimic other people’s Slovenia Phone Number content. Insights that are actually already known within your profession or industry are repeated here. That is safe, but with that your organization becomes one of the many providers again and you do Slovenia Phone Number not distinguish yourself. Prevents this by using so-called expert content. I distinguish three types of expert content that you need all three in conjunction. Guiding content The first is so-called guide content.

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