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After many hours of scrolling on TikTok, I was Bolivia Phone Number impresse by the endless video ideas. What a bomb of inspiration. I was sold and inspir! In this article, I’ll share 5 TikTok ideas that will boost your videos’ engagement. I also give examples of how you can Bolivia Phone Number use these videos for your product or service. 1. Join the latest filters Who has never heard of it? The filters on TikTok. From a Disney to invisibility filter. You can’t think of it that crazy. This month’s Bolivia Phone Number trending effects and filters you don’t want to miss are: The Crying Filter (from Snapchat) : So realistic, this can hardly be a filter! The Cartoon Filter: Everyone looks like a Disney character with this filter.

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The blue line filter : The image being film freezes step Bolivia Phone Number by step as a blue line moves down or vertically across the screen. Filters increase engagement . The popularity of the filters has now been proven and they can achieve a lot of exposure. This fact makes Bolivia Phone Number filters an interesting medium for companies. By using filters, companies can reach their target audience more easily. De IJsmaker from Rotterdam uses the crying filter in an original way: In addition, filters Bolivia Phone Number can also be use as a campaign for your company. The aim is to get as many people as possible to interact with it. You can also use a filter as a brand experience .

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Use it to sell your furniture, glasses, sneakers or Bolivia Phone Number make-up. These filters give the target group a real feeling for a certain product and that is of course what you want. Nike is already making good use of this: 2. Create a tutorial The maximum length of Bolivia Phone Number a TikTok video is 10 minutes. Most users scroll through the platform to quickly process bite -size video content. Short tutorials are therefore widely use on TikTok and are a useful resource for educational Bolivia Phone Number content.

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