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And then you don’t want to have to dig through all those edges every time. For that reason, you want to make it clear. Work with bullets, summarize where possible and use headings. For example, use the template from this article. Or cast your Nigeria Phone Number List persona in resume form. You prefer to have one scannable side with all the essential information so that you can quickly find it important.

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resume persona Tip 2. Store your persona centrally You will be using your persona often. For example, if you are going to develop social media content or a lead magnet. For that reason, you want the persona to be in a central and quickly accessible place on your computer.

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You may even want to set it as your desktop background. Find a place where you can open your persona in 3 clicks or even frame it on your desk. Tip 3. Determine on which channel your customer is present Your customer chooses the channel. Your persona is probably also more active on one (social) platform than another. You want to be present on the platform where your ideal customer spends the most time.

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