The Most Important Quality

Where can you most likely reach them with your content? If you know where your ideal customer is, you also know where you want to be. You can find TikTok a very nice platform, but if your ideal customer is a highly educated forty-something, there is little Norway Phone Number List chance that you will be able to meet a large number of ideal customers on TikTok.

Tip Important Quality

Map out the customer journey further If you know where your ideal customer is located, then that is probably the channel where the first contact (touchpoint) will take place. But what does it look like from then on? See Think Do Care customer journey What content grabs attention so that your ideal customer becomes a follower?

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What information is going to get your customer to download your freebie? What information does your customer need to make a conversion? In the customer journey, you describe per phase. The information needs. The channel on which that phase takes place How your ideal customer feels per phase of the customer journey Tip.

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