Facebook Will Start Putting Ads in the Oculus App

Facebook Ads has announced that it will start testing ads within its Oculus Quest virtual reality system , a development with great potential to revolutionize the ecosystem of virtual reality and ads on Facebook. We tell you all the details. Do you want to Suriname B2B List better reach your potential audience and generate sales? Click here and download the ebook: How to develop your strategy on Facebook & Instagram Ads . Facebook will start putting ads in the Oculus app What’s new in Facebook Ads and Oculus As announced by Facebook, in the coming weeks ads will begin to appear within Oculus.

What’s New in Facebook Ads and Oculus

The first ads will appear in the Blaston video game and in two other applications yet to be detailed. Later, Facebook plans to expand the Suriname B2B List system based on user feedback. Facebook Ads has already taken steps to integrate with Oculus, having introduced ads in the Oculus App mobile app last May. In addition, it has been using limited data from Oculus to target ads on Facebook since 2019, and last year began require users to log in to Facebook in order to use Quest viewers.

What Data Will Facebook Ads Use on Oculus

Suriname B2B List

As facebook has stated on its blog, “Once we see the results. Of this test and incorporate feedback from developers. And the community, we will provide. More details on when more ads will be available. On the oculus platform and mobile app.” just like in other facebook apps. Users can block specific posts or businesses from their ads. When clicking on an ad, they will be able to choose. Between opening the landing page in the oculus quest. Web browser or saving it to the app . Developers will take a percentage of the revenue. Earned through ads in their apps. Though facebook hasn’t disclosed what this amount will be.For now, the ads are in the form of “boxes” within the game interface.

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