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That the promotions do not fit their purchasing habits while 17% would like to receive greater discounts. Offers in the age of technology Although for 55% of the buyers surveyed the brochure continues to be the source of information to find out about offers China phone number promotions. According to the study data. 81% of the sample interviewed has declared using digital media to find out about promotions in supermarkets . Technology has transformed countless spheres of life for citizens around the world. The way of carrying out marketing campaigns and promoting a new product launch has changed through different methods such as sampling or discount coupons. According to the study.

8 out of 10 of those surveyed use their mobile while shopping in supermarkets. Whether to look for offers in applications. Look at the shopping list or simply to talk on the phone. Profile of the “promotional” shopper in times of pandemic The study China phone number that 8 out of 10 consumers between 18 and 24 years old affirm that promotions and offers influence when deciding which brands to buy . In addition. 65% of the same sample also thinks that depending on the promotions they are looking for or find. They choose where they will make the purchase. In terms of frequency. The study concludes that currently a supermarket is visited an average of three times a week. When before it was approximately four.

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Therefore. It has not been reduced as much as it was during confinement. The new shopping experience According to data from the study. For 65% of buyers. A good promotion can make us decide to increase the number of purchases. Likewise. 36% of those China phone number admit to taking advantage of discounts. Even if they are not exactly for their usual products. On the other hand. For 31% they see promotions as a way to anticipate their purchases. The study also concluded that 92% consider that a good promotion is a good incentive to encourage the buyer to try new products.

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Although. According to 90% of those surveyed. After testing a new brand. They can become unfaithful to their usual banners. Among the buyers who have China phone number responded to the I Study on the importance of promotions in times of COVID-19 . 93% consider that. If the promotion is very good. They would share it with family and friends. On the other hand. 32% would publish it on their social networks and. On the contrary. 84% would see it good to recommend a promotion if they receive an incentive from it.

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Brands must flex their own power. Selecting retail partners that offer demonstrable value through transparent data and measurement. As well as the ability to engage consumers to drive much-needed category growth.” A s i a Pacific and Central and China phone number Eastern Europe will lead the recovery Ad spend is projected to recover to 2019 levels in 2021. Both in Asia Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe. The successful containment of COVID-19 infections in many Asia Pacific markets has limited the economic damage and set the region up for a quick recovery in 2021. Central and Eastern European countries have suffered more overall.

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