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I often say that a good online meeting is actually an old-fashioned meeting, as you may know from an association or church board: a meticulously Turkey Phone Number List prepared agenda, everyone has read their documents, possibly had preliminary consultations with other participants, a chairman who manages tightly on content and time, and a special note-taker who provides a detailed report.

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How to make online collaboration more fun and more efficient Hybrid meetings seem sub-optimal in every way. Because with a few people together in a conference room and a few people digitally remotely, you can really only work with special equipment in that conference room. And even then, people who are physically present will pick up more non-verbal communication.

Turkey Phone Number List
Turkey Phone Number List

They can get coffee together beforehand, have a chat afterward in the hallway, and so on. Colleagues at a distance are not aware of this, or only to a very limited extent. So hybrid meeting is not equivalent. And so ‘ proximity bias ‘ — that is, leadership bias to prioritize those who are physically close is also a real problem. How else can you work (together) digitally?

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