The Slowness of Firms to Focus Their Online Voice

The digital age and a host of technology developments have Portugal Phone Number List exposed four major flaws in traditional B2B marketing practices: • Lack of coordination between brand, sales/marketing and digital activities • Dedication to sales at the expense of marketing • The slowness of firms to focus their online voice • Failure to recognize that the internet has changed the sales dynamic B2B companies are struggling to leverage the internet to sell and grow.

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Unlike consumer product companies, they’ve been slow off the mark in the digital race due a traditional. But flaw rationale that branding and digital communications can’t really help their ‘relationship’ style of selling. What’s become glaringly obvious is that three marketing functions – brand, sales/marketing. And digital communications – don’t behave as if they have anything in common.

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Portugal Phone Number List

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Worse, they don’t work together to build equity, share of mind, customer loyalty, or sales for B2B enterprises. The open secret always was that sales and marketing never really very integrated. In some firms, they didn’t even like or talk to each other.

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