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Converted my hourly rate is much higher. If it really Albania Phone Number makes a difference, I will send the client a credit note. No sweet talk, that’s what I do. Also Albania Phone Number read: Copywriting is a breeze! 7 misconceptions about copywriters It just happens more Albania Phone Number often that I fall into it myself. That the neighbor rings the doorbell again for a cup of sugar and moments later a door-to-door salesman wants to talk me into solar panels while the rain comes pouring down from the sky.

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That a persistent writer’s block blocks my creative Albania Phone Number brain. Fortunately, it often happens that I’m just right. And so I don’t have to buy dry bread. And can I afford the solar panels that the door-to-door salesman sold me? My preference You probably Albania Phone Number already know that I prefer a project price. A project price that I base on my hourly rate. If not Albania Phone Number necessary, I will not communicate my hourly rate. Because I notice that my writing speed is quite high and I can present a regular project price despite my ‘high’ hourly rate. Are you also a copywriter or copywriter?

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I’m curious how you word your rates. Be sure to let us Albania Phone Number know in the comments . Rock-solid web texts that work If you want to learn what the success factors of a good text are and what this requires in terms of form, style and content, the Writing for Albania Phone Number the web training is for you. You will learn to write activating texts for websites in two Albania Phone Number days. Not only by sharpening your writing technique, but also by making smart use of influencing tactics. Curious?Brands are becoming more and more innovative to improve the customer experience.

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