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Christmas is the most important holiday for Europeans. This year (2021) is the second Christmas for the Belgian people. Going out to celebrate in groups is still restricted. , The spread of the new coronavirus variant and the aggravation of energy poverty have made this Christmas extraordinarily boring. Belgium bans indoor gatherings, Brussels closes Christmas markets, cancels New Year’s Eve fireworks Europe is on the Christmas holiday. Brussels, where the headquarters of the European Union (EU) is located, erected a huge Christmas tree in the World Heritage landmark Grand Place this year.

The Mask on the Top Reminds That the Covid-19

Serious special infectious pneumonia, Slovenia Phone Number new coronary pneumonia, Wuhan pneumonia. Epidemic is not over yet, this time the Omicron variant is more infectious, and the number of confirmed cases in European countries has surged. The third dose increases protection. Since the COVID-19 pandemic at the beginning of last year (2020), Europe has experienced 4 waves of epidemics. The virus mutates rapidly. There is Delta and Omicron before, and countries have almost no respite. Austria fired the first shot as early as November 22 and closed the city.

After That, the Netherlands Followed Up.

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Denmark, Italy, Greece, Germany and other countries all strengthened epidemic prevention measures. Which made the European Union Executive Committee President Ursula von der Leyen. In a speech to the European Parliament in mid-December.  On December 22, the Belgian government announced

A series of anti-epidemic measures, the most important of which is to prohibit indoor gatherings, including indoor Christmas markets, cinemas, theaters and concert halls, which must be closed, except for non-entertainment activities such as museums, weddings and funerals.

As soon as the policy came out, the city of Brussels decided to close 3 Christmas markets and cancel the large fireworks show on New Year’s Eve. Some people affirmed that this decision was sensible. But many parents could only shake their heads when they heard that the Christmas market that their children most looked forward to every year had been cancelled. sigh.

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