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Imagine that some product groups are returned more Sri-Lanka Phone Number often than others. For a clothing party, for example, it will be very annoying if many more shirts are returned online than sweaters. Ideally, you want to invest your online marketing budget mainly in the sale of sweaters. However, Google Ads itself will not see that some product groups are being returned. The Sri-Lanka Phone Number system does not understand that these are in fact less interesting than other product Sri-Lanka Phone Number groups. By measuring returns in Google Ads. The algorithm can take into account which campaigns/ad groups/keywords have more returns and more importantly, which users are returning.

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As a result, the algorithm will bid less aggressively on Sri-Lanka Phone Number products search terms users that have a higher return rate . Measuring Sri-Lanka Phone Number returns. The benefits The benefits of measuring returns at a glance: More accurate measurement of actual sales within Google Ads. Optimize for products with fewer returns. A better picture of the Sri-Lanka Phone Number actual ROAS of your campaigns. Screenshot ROAS of your campaigns Step-by-step plan to measure returns in Google Ads You can measure returns via the following steps: Step 1. Measure OrderID with your.

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Google Ads conversion tag Once a user lands on Sri-Lanka Phone Number the thank you page. The dataLayer contains a variable with the orderID of the transaction (2). Google Tag Manager fires a separate Google Ads conversion tag (3) on the thank you page with Sri-Lanka Phone Number the OrderID in the “Transaction ID” field (4). Measure OrderID with your Google Ads conversion tag Step 2. Create a Google Sheets file with the fields below: TimeZone – This will appear on the first Sri-Lanka Phone Number line, in most cases it will be ‘Europe/Amsterdam’. Order ID – Enter the Order IDs of the returns here. Make sure they have the same format as the orderID you measure in the dataLayer.

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