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There is no question of a relationship with the voter in this way. Digital poverty The present digital poverty of about 3 million citizens hardly Italy Phone Number List receives any serious attention. digitization Set the right priorities It starts with our parliamentary democracy itself, which is already well past its date.

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That was once devised about 150 years ago no longer fits today. Too much has changed over the years for that. Look at the future and all the changes that are taking place, such as individualization, migration, and digitalization. Then the demands that we have to make of politicians and the ministers are different from those that are still used today.

Italy Phone Number List
Italy Phone Number List

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We live in a country that is doing well economically. That has a leading position in certain areas of digitization. Think of the role of companies such as ASML, NXP, or Booking. Or in the field of cybersecurity, or our Fintech systems, such as by Adyen. The digital know-how of Dutch companies is not bad and deserves all the support they need to play a role on the global stage.

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