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What are your goals? What challenges do you face in achieving those goals? What have you already tried yourself? Can you use help with that? If so, what help do you still need? Which online platforms and social media are you most active on?

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It is important (and perhaps also nice) to know that your persona is a living document. You have it now, but you can always sharpen it and adjust it with new insights that you gain. In this way, your persona becomes more and more complete and accurate. Hooray, you have a persona. And now? What’s next if you’ve developed a persona?

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You now want to put this persona at the center of your business and marketing. This will work with these tips. Tip 1. Make your persona clear Perhaps you have filled 3 or 4 pages with characteristics of your persona. But a persona of 4 sides is not practical. You will often use your persona to tailor your texts and strategy to it.

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