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If you think about something and switch to another task, your working memory is not suddenly erased. Some of that previous task remains behind and prevents you from using the full bandwidth of your brainpower. Maker Role vs Manager Jamaica Phone Number List Role People with a maker role suffers a lot from interruptions. These are knowledge workers who spend a long time devising a solution, making a plan, or writing code.

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For people in managerial roles, interruptions are much more natural. Their agenda often consists of meetings and they have many conversations to coordinate or discuss progress. In such an agenda there is much less in-depth work and on the contrary a lot of interruptions and discussions. For a creator, one meeting from 9:30 to 10:00 means starting deep work from 9:00 is tricky.

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To be doing something else at 9:30. After 10:00 you are also not acutely in deep focus, which takes some time. In short, gross, such a half-hour consultation costs much more productivity (Paul Graham Maker’s Schedule, Manager’s Schedule ). Hyperactive collective brain According to Newport, many organizations have become a kind of hyperactive collective brain ( the hyperactive hive mind ).

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