TikTok reaches 1 billion subscribers

On september 27, 2021, tiktok published a blog post. Announcing that they had reached 1 billion monthly active users. However, A milestone in the history of this network. And this is not the only relevant news for brands: the same week. Tiktok world ireland business fax list was held, a virtual event. In which the social network announced its new marketing solutions. These are the news. Do you want to fully understand how to focus your business strategy on TikTok and learn how to advertise? Click here and register for free to our complete training.

Latest Tiktok Stats

In addition, TikTok reaches 1 billion subscribers Latest TikTok Stats With the announcement of 1 billion monthly users, Tiktok is positioned in the first league of social networks. Similarly, This figure means that during the past month, one in seven people in the Ireland Business Fax List world used TikTok, which represents an annual growth of 45%. Its figures are still far from the undisputed queen, Facebook, which in June this year had 2.9 billion monthly users, although its growth is much slower (7% more than the previous year). Another interesting milestone that TikTok has reached recently is the 3 billion downloads of the application, a figure that was achieved in July.

Tiktok Marketing News: Tiktok World

Ireland Business Fax List

Until now, the only non-game apps that have reached this figure are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. Tiktok marketing news: tiktok world on september 30, 2021. Tiktok world took place, the first global. Event designed to help brands and marketers get. The most out of this network. During. The event, many marketing news were presented on tiktok. Among which we highlight the following:tools to strengthen. Collaboration between brands and creators.

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