Tips for Consistently Posting New Content on Your Blog

Every blogger will come infrequently or as often as he/she uses blogging times. Typically, this is the case for a writer’s block. At other times, it can be out of time. Anyway, here are some tips you can use to make sure you always have a new post your readers can look forward to, looking forward to: Content Consistently on Your Blog content Malaysia Phone Number List Question: I don’t have time to write!1. Write in bulk. Invite guest writers. Get co-writers Question: I don’t know what to write 1. Incorporate your opinion into a post 2. Jot down ideas regularly. Change the niche

I Don’t Have Time to Write!

Bloggers tend to be marketers, managers, teachers, programmers or any other profession that just holds one day. So it can be tough that you plan to post a post every 3 days. On the days you have time, do as much writing as you can.Of course, this does not mean that quantity rules quality. And sure, this approach doesn’t work when you suffer from a writer’s block. If one day your creative juices flow, write as many posts as possible , decide when you want to post each of them.And let your blogging software (like WordPress) come up with the date and time when they will be published.WordPress, for example, comes with a very easy-to-use scheduling feature. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to schedule a position to be posted automatically in the future (when you’re busy with other work, or when you’re on vacation).

Invite Guest Writers

You must know a few fellow bloggers out there, so ask them if they would like to contribute a post or two to your blog. This is especially great if the writer is in the industry/niche and your blog. In return, add a link to their blog. Credit them or return the favor.Invite 5 guest bloggers and you’ll have 5 posts! In addition to the workload, having guest writers also adds a different angle to your blog and readers can read other writers’ muse too.Guess what, this blog also welcomes guest bloggers!

Malaysia Phone Number List
Malaysia Phone Number List

There are several ways to get a co-writer. You can pay co-writers on a per-article basis, or if your blog uses Google Ad Sense or other forms of advertising, you can always share in the revenue generated. Another way to keep a good co-writer is to get him or her to include a good byline in each of his/her posts. This will give your co-writer, in good standing, to keep building your blog!

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