To do a good job in sorting out your needs, please keep these 3 points in mind! Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

In the past two weeks, many small partners have broken through the difficulties and returned to work, and those who have not returned to work are also working Saudi Arabia Mobile Number remotely. After staying home for the whole Spring Festival, many students said: My big knife is already hungry and thirsty! I can’t wait to pick up the keyboard and type the code immediately.

I would like to remind you that when resuming work in the new year, you must pay attention to Saudi Arabia Mobile Number the four big characters of “demand sorting”. Otherwise, at the risk of being infected, all the hard typing code staring at the mask may be in vain.

It is precisely this kind of stuff that is done too much. Many students will encounter the following embarrassing situations when they write their summaries at the end of the year. In the end, it has nothing to do with themselves for promotion and salary increase. Of course it doesn’t matter, because let’s not talk about driving business. You are just pushed by the business to run the number from start to finish throughout the year, and you are disliked and slow to run after the run, that’s all.

The first point: the specification of temporary access

This vague demand is more harmful than “be a model”. That is, if the performance is good, the business department will say that they have worked hard, and if they do not do well, the business department will push the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number responsibility to “our accurate big data user portrait model will not work for a long time.” Not only is there no merit, but you have to take the blame.

When modeling, the clearer the business scenario, the greater the role of data, and the better it is to find strong features. So don’t stop at a few simple words when making models. Let’s not indulge in: “Everyone has to build Zhongtai, I build it first and then think about the use.” Instead, we walk while watching the sky, and output a few business improvement points in at Saudi Arabia Mobile Number least one quarter. In this way, we can keep the items frequently eaten, so as not to suffocate to death in the end.

The second point: from temporary fetching to reporting

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Please refer to the above. The job is the company’s, and the salary is yours. You have to work hard for your own well-being to be worthy of your own contribution. Some classmates will say: Our company environment is very poor, and we Saudi Arabia Mobile Number always drink and drink the number of people running around, what should we do?

Mixed workplaces have always been: forbearance, ruthlessness, and rollback. Everyone makes decisions based on their own circumstances. However, it is worthy of everyone to master the method of sorting out professional requirements and upgrading requirements from primary to advanced. After all, the work is the company’s, and the ability to learn is one’s own. If you really have the ability to establish order in the chaos and establish the professionalism and authority of the data department, then you are a qualified data department leader.

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