To Keep The Benefits

Where do I do that work is the last question… and the answer to it is also mainly determined by the answers to the other questions. Hybrid working is therefore about making choices. For the best form, tools, communication, and form of Cayman Islands Phone Number List collaboration in the work you do. Moreover, you do not make those choices alone, but together with your team or department, or with your project group. And that may mean that there are different agreements.

The Benefits per group or team

All this choosing takes skills that we haven’t necessarily learned. You have to look critically at your own work and that of others. It also requires the innovative capacity to be able to think outside of your current work processes. It requires conscious choices for which tools you use. And it requires support, coaching, and exemplary behavior from managers.

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Cayman Islands Phone Number List

Hybrid working much more than the location I hope I have shown you that hybrid working is (much) more than just choosing where you do your work. That it demands more from professionals and organizations, including looking critically at their own work and collaboration. And I hope to have given you some practical tools for that. In my next article, I will discuss other forms of digital collaboration that are preferable to just video calling and documents.

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