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They quickly arrive at valuable insights to use in their work. Adaptability The empathy of a multipotential is enormous. They are true Sri-Lanka Phone Number List chameleons and can take on many roles without any problems. Their behavior and skills to the projects they assign.

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Multi-hyphenate marketers who create buyer personas and customer journeys are much more skilled at this than other profiles. They dive from one skin to another with great elegance. The multi-hyphenate and marketing The professional landscape, in general, is in constant evolution.

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In the early 20th century, specialization, also known as ‘Fordism’, was key. People were also very often satisfy with ‘having a job’. Today there is oxygen to be aware of this. Not only are our attitudes changing, but the way we work today is also changing. The ‘9 to 5’ mentality had been under pressure for a while. All that is not new.

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