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That gives it a (perhaps unfair) advantage over the other providers. The speed test tool we used is GTMetrix with the test location in London. Because the results can vary per test, we took 3 tests per provider and used the results of the test that were in the middle in terms of performance. We have tested these hosting packages: package Costs (p/m) Number of sites Antagonist Smart €8.99 1 cloud86 Web Hosting Medium €5.95 10 Hostnet WordPress Pro €9 1 Kinsta Starter $30 1 .wp basic €9.99 5 SiteGround GoGeek €34.99 unlimited TransIP TransIP Pro €9.

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Vimexx Completely €6.99 15 Yourhosting Start €9.99 1 These are the results of the research Here’s how the different providers (in alphabetical order) scored on the key speed metrics: TTFB LCP TBT CLS Charging time Antagonist 172ms Malaysia Phone Number 705ms 0ms 0ms 706ms cloud86 199ms 532ms 0ms 0ms 533ms Hostnet 604ms 1.2s 49ms 0ms 1,5s Kinsta 151ms 649ms 6ms 0ms 750ms 194ms 732ms 104ms 0ms 733ms SiteGround 115ms 812ms 59ms 0ms 886ms TransIP 942ms 1,8s 100ms 0ms 2.2s Vimexx 406ms 1.2s 106ms 0ms.

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Yourhosting 472ms 903ms 26ms 0ms 904ms The original article containing these results can be found here . The Frisian Cloud86 appears to be the fastest. WordPress host by Kinsta and Antagonist. cloud86 Kinsta Antagonist.  Yourhosting Vimexx Hostnet TransIP scores best on Core Web Vitals (LCP, TBT and CLS) and load time. In terms of Time to First Byte (TTFB), other providers do a little better, but it’s not much difference. Incidentally, the entire top 5 is doing excellent here in terms of speed. While paid Google or Facebook ads require you to pay for every click or impression, organic SEO aims to gain natural traffic by providing the best response to a user’s query through content creation, that is, by meeting search intent . Why is Organic SEO Important? Why is Organic SEO Important? Paid clicks only guarantee a one-time visit.

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