Top Critic WordPress Plugins for More Opinions and Traffic

If I asked you, how would you go about increasing traffic to your blog’s comments, what would you do? No doubt, different people can have different opinions on this issue. Some people will ask you to run a contest on your blog to improve them. While others will advise you to write engaging content and ask questions in your blog posts. There can Saudi Arabia phone number list be 10 other answers to the same question. If you ask me what is the most effective and easiest way to increase  comments on your blog; I would say top commenter plugin. You should just go and install the Top Reviewer widget for your WordPress blogging plugin.

You can download the latest version of the Top Commentator WordPress Plugin Plugin Widget here. After installing and activating this plugin, you just need to drag and drop it to a place on your blog where you want the widget to display former commenters. You can access the top commenter plugin settings in the WordPress panel from the widgets under Appearance

Benefits of Top Reviewer Plugin List

You will notice an increase in comment volume on your blog in large part because you are rewarding your blog readers by increasing the top commented widget section for their website and blog links to your blog sidebar or footer section. You will also notice an increase in engagement metrics such as bounce rate, page views per visit and time spent on your website If you are receiving high quality and targeted comments on your blog should increase your blog’s total traffic in this case, you can update your blog page with targeted and fresh content in the form of comments.

My Experience With the Top Reviewer Plugin

Saudi Arabia phone number list
Saudi Arabia phone number list

I’ve been using the Compassionate plugin for almost a year. How much joy I have with the top commenter widget in the plugin is that. I have never disabled or removed this plugin from this blog. I feel like I get all the benefits shared above after using this plugin. As far as the spam comments are concerned, I use the Akismet plugin to solve these problems, most of the time this anti-spam plugin is smart enough to distinguish between good comments and spam. Whether you want to try the top commenter plugin for your blog. Or you’ve tried your blog and how it does it for you, share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

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