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They also assume that a bore-out can only be the result Kenya Phone Number of a quantitative and not a qualitative shortage of work. If you don’t have enough work to fill your day and get into a bore-out. You call the bore-out quantitative. If you have more than enough Kenya Phone Number work. But you are not challenged and find your work too boring and monotonous. Then you call the bore-out qualitative. Of course you can also have to deal with a combination. You then have chronically too Kenya Phone Number little to do and the little you have to do does not appeal to you. Incidentally, it is equally good to mention that you can not only end up in a bore-out at work, but the book zooms in on that.

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Someone with a bore out. Causes of a bore-out A Kenya Phone Number bore-out is actually caused by a chronic shortage of healthy stimuli. That’s part of the story. To find out which stressors (causes of stress) can be responsible for a bore-out, you first have to look at Kenya Phone Number the situation and the person who has to work in this situation. The problem arises Kenya Phone Number primarily in the interaction between those two elements. Possible causes are then: the working conditions. living conditions: how important is work to someone?

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Fear of failure and perfectionism. giftedness. a Kenya Phone Number burnout. It can happen that after a burnout someone is so anxious to get back in the same situation that he or himself is chronically underloaded. social changes. What can you do to Kenya Phone Number prevent a bore-out? Now that you have a bit of an idea of ​​what a bore-out is and what the causes are, it is good to pay attention to this. There is a tool you can use to find out what is wrong with you and if you can change Kenya Phone Number it yourself. Melina Zerning introduces the concept of ‘qualitative wages’, which consists of meaning, time and money. Elements considered central to ensuring job satisfaction and working conditions.

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