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I’ve had a lot of people asking me lately what I’ve thought about the relative merits of online and offline optimization of web pages. A reader left a comment on my blog saying that he has spent a lot of time doing optimization online with the help of WordPress and he has yet to see that he has little impact in terms of SERP rankings. Every serious online marketer Paraguay Phone Number List understands the importance of optimizing web pages, but all of us have one limiting factor…time. Each of us only gets 24 hours a day so the problem becomes. Which optimization method is the most productive and worth most of the time. My answer to this question is… it depends.


On-page Current and Offpage Optimization

If you think the whole panda thing goes by it really takes the quality of the page content to a whole new level. First of all it has humans and not search engines written. This means that readers of content find information and value. Content provided on the topic of their search. Writing high-quality content is actually a form of onpage optimization. The focus should now be on page or keyword density and placement without many words, but rather it being a real purpose. If you’ve ever outsourced content and embraced a 3% keyword density with absolutely no stories…just fluff 400 word articles…then you know the difference I’m talking about. The more actual in-depth articles you write, the more you will inadvertently start ranking for low, long-tail keyword phrases. The more you learn about your topic.

Two Places You Want to Optimize the Onpage

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Paraguay Phone Number List

There are a couple of things you want to make sure you use your target keyword phrases. That’s where page titles and meta descriptions come in. Where keywords in h1 tags won’t hurt anything. After all, Google needs somewhere to start searching and page titles are useful as relevant initial indicators. If you don’t have the meta description. Of the page Google will often just crawl the 160th character on the page. This will appear as a Blurb below your SERP link. If you take the time to customize the description.

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