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I Here language code means the code for the Iceland Phone Number language or region that a page is targeting. Hreflang supports the ISO 639-1 language code. ISO 639–1 language code If you’re not sure which codes or.  Locations you should use, you can find a full list Iceland Phone Number of 639-1 codes on Wikipedia. If you wish let’s examine with examples how URLs with similar content on the website of . A company that wants to reach users in different countries indicate regional differences Iceland Phone Number The.  Company’s default homepage not targeting any language or region where users can choose their own language and r .


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Example page html The company’s homepage in German Iceland Phone Number hreflang tag, hreflang . Currency A site that offers content in the wrong currency or foreign language will have a negative impact on search engine rankings in terms of Iceland Phone Number user experience. Well, a site that sells products for both the USA and the UK; What to do when it wants to show prices in Dollars for the US and in Pounds for the UK? This site product page; should create two versions, one showing the price in dollars and the other in pounds: Page showing prices in British pounds l Page showing Iceland Phone Number prices in US dollars: Google does not use the language codes (en, de) in these URLs when determining the target audience for the page, it asks you to specify the default version of your page for users who will visit your site from these regions .

Iceland Phone Number
Iceland Phone Number

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So you need to match the target audience Iceland Phone Number If your page offers content in different languages ​​or you want a user to select the page in preferences, you can use the x-default value to indicate that the page is not specifically targeting one language. It also supports adding Iceland Phone Number a region or country to hreflang tags. The two-letter codes used for this are in the ISO 3166-1 alpha‑2 list. So if there is a difference in regional dialect you can specify geolocation in H . In which cases is it recommended to use the Hreflang tag? hreflang; It helps deliver the right content to the right users and notifies Google that different language or country versions of the same page are related. We can list Iceland Phone Number the cases where it is recommended to specify alternative pages with the hreflang tag as follows: If you want to present the content of your website in multiple languages

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