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Organic shopping listings In addition to visibility on the Poland Phone Number general search results page in Google, you can also be visible in the Shopping tab of Google. shopping tab in SEA options. Suppose you want to buy shoes and you would like to view many options Poland Phone Number from different providers. Then you can refine your search by clicking on the Shopping tab. It Poland Phone Number contains many product listings from different providers. These listings look a lot like shopping ads, but they’re not. I call these listings organic shopping listings. Best of all, these are “free” listings.

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This means that you as a company do not pay a cost Poland Phone Number per click if someone clicks on this listing and lands on your website. You can easily set up these organic shopping listings via Google Merchant Center. You do not need to use shopping ads to activate Poland Phone Number this option. It is important to have a good feed. Feed optimization You can pay that much for shopping ads and put your entire range on organic shopping listings, but if your feed is Poland Phone Number unclear or incomplete, you won’t get very far. It’s important to take a critical look at your feed. I recommend looking at the following parts in particular: Product title : is your product title clear? Are there important details such as brand name, what the product is?

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For example, if you sell eyebrow paint, you want Poland Phone Number the word eyebrow paint in the product title. Price : Is the price the same as on the website or landing page (presumably a product page) that the visitor is directed to? Description : give a short description of Poland Phone Number the product and make sure that it also contains a number of important Poland Phone Number keywords. GTIN : If you have a GTIN, list it in your feed. In organic shopping listings you are also compared with other providers based on GTIN. As a SEA specialist you can optimize and adjust the feed directly in the raw file, in Google Merchant Center or with various tools such as ProductHero or Channable.

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