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The enemy of productivity is not unwillingness but habits All kinds of habits that have crept into work are unsuitable for knowledge workers. Especially if they have focused work to do. Emailing each other, because it is easy, fast, and cheap, has now Lithuania Phone Number List become difficult, slow, and expensive. Dealing more consciously with communication resources and attention by thinking about processes and recording them in protocols and maintaining.

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Them in consultations can mean a leap in productivity and bring back a lot of pleasure in work. Book cover of Liberated! from Cal Newport Are you curious about the book Liberated! from Cal Newport? You can easily order it via Managementboek.

Lithuania Phone Number List
Lithuania Phone Number List

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Always know what’s going on? Know where your opportunities lie in the field of marketing, communication, and commerce. With the annual subscription to Online courses, you can learn unlimited for €499. This way you know what is going on for 365 days and you are aware of relevant trends.

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