What Is a Dashboard and What Is It Used for? (2022)

If we look for the key to the success of marketing campaigns, we often find that the secret is not in amazing creativity or a high budget, but in having a good measurement strategy and carrying it out. But once we enter the universe of data, we run the New Zealand Business Fax List risk that an overdose of information will make us lose the big picture and we will not know how to put the metrics into practice. The solution? the dashboard. The dashboard or control panel is like the gauges in the cockpit of an airplane (although it should be a bit simpler!).

What Is a Dashboard? Definition and Characteristics

It’s a super-powerful tool to gain insights from data and centralize the KPIs you need to know what’s really going on with your business. In this article, we are going to see what a dashboard is , why it is a good idea to implement it in your New Zealand Business Fax List company and the main metrics to include according to your objectives. Ready? Let’s start! Do you want to design dashboards that help you visualize your metrics better? Click here and take a free course focused on improving your digital marketing strategy based on the visual analysis of metrics.

Why You Need a Dashboard in Your Company and Examples

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What is a dashboard? Definition and characteristics a dashboard is information. A management tool that monitors, analyzes, and visually displays. The key performance indicators (kpis) , metrics and fundamental. Data to track the status of a company, a department, a campaign or a process. Specific. We can think of the dashboard. As a kind of “Summary. That collects data from different sources in one place. And presents it in a digestible way so that what is most important. Jumps out at you. These are some of the features. That this control center must have: custom.

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