What Is a Query? Meaning and Function in Seo

In the world of SEO , we call each of the queries that users enter into search engines a ” query “. The queries are the starting point of the SERP or search results pages in which we want to position our content. That is why it is important to Germany Phone Numbers know them and what role they play in SEO . Do you want to improve your SEO positioning and also your Inbound Marketing strategy? Click here and download our free ebook What is a query Meaning and function in SEOWhat is a query in SEO? A query , search query or search query is a keyword, set of words or phrases that a user uses to obtain information in a search engine such as Google .

What Is a Query in Seo?

What is a query and its function in seo As you can see, it is a very similar concept to keywords and sometimes they are used interchangeably, but there is an important difference? Keywords or keywords are the terms defined by Germany Phone Number SEO experts to guide the content of the web-based on user searches. They would be like a kind of “ideal searches”. Instead, the queries are the users’ actual searches, which may not correspond to these “ideal searches”, use different words or even have misspellings. It could be said that queries are the practical application of keywords.

Main Types of Query

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For example, if the keyword is “How to make potato omelette”, it can lead. To queries such as “Potato omelette recipe”, “Spanish omelette. How to germany phone number make. It” and the like. Main types. Of query informative query: the user. Is looking for general information about. A topic or product, for example.”How to fix a blind”. In principle, these queries are not linked. To commercial interest, but if they correspond.To needs that our brand can solve, they can help us attract users in the early stages. Of the conversion funnel. Navigation query: the user is looking. For a site they want to go to, but they don’t remember. The exact url or they don’t want to type it.

For example, “Facebook” or “Netflix”. In principle, these queries are not very interesting from an SEO point of view. Transactional query: the user is looking to perform a specific action, such as buying a product, downloading content or booking accommodation. These types of queries correspond to users who are already willing to convert, so they are very relevant from a marketing point of view.

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