What Is the Mobile First Index and Why Is It Essential?

In the world of SEO and SEM , we have known for a long time that we have to prioritize mobile, since today the majority of searches and traffic Estonia WhatsApp Number List come from these devices. Google is well aware of this fact and that is why, for a few years now, it has implemented the Mobile-First Index . But do you know how it works exactly? Read on to clear all your doubts. Do you want to know how to make your Google Ads campaigns a success this year ?

How Does the Mobile-First Index Work?

Click here and see the related course. Discover the trends and news of the Google advertising platform. What is the Mobile-First Index and why is it essential? What is the Mobile-First Index? The Mobile First Index is a change launched by Google that involves taking the mobile device versions as a reference for the indexing of pages (until now, the Estonia WhatsApp Number List reference was the desktop version). This change was first announced in 2016 and officially launched in April 2018, but not all websites converted directly to this new indexing method. What-is-mobile-first-indexing How does a search engine like Google work? To better understand how the Mobile-First Index works, we first need to have a rough idea of ​​how Google search works.

Why Did Google Decide to Change the Index?

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First, Google’s crawlers or “spiders” access websites and explore their content just like a browser would, but without a graphical interface. Crawlers access, load, and build content the same way a real user would. Website content is sent to Estonia WhatsApp Number List Google’s index , which stores all information about the documents and associated resources of the crawled sites. Google ranks the websites it crawls based on a series of ranking factors , that is, a set of rules that determine the order in which search results appear. There are many ranking factors, such as the relevance of the content, the authority of the site or the load times, and Google often changes the algorithm with which it decides the positioning of the pages.

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