What Is Twitter Superfollow? Function and Paid Subscription

Twitter brings us very interesting changes for this year. After a long time stagnant in terms of the number of active users, this network has turned its monetization model around with a payment option so that users can subscribe to Italy Phone Number their favorite content creators: Superfollow. We tell you everything that is known about this and other Twitter news. Do you want to improve your advertising campaigns on Twitter? Enter here and download for free the manual that will help you lead your company to success with Twitter Ads (2022 edition). What is Twitter Superfollow Feature and Paid Subscription What is the Superfollow?

What Is the Super follow?

During its “Analyst Day” event, Twitter announced the launch of a new feature for paid subscriptions called Superfollow. This is the first time that Twitter enters this world. At the moment several important details of Superfollow, such as the release date, are unknown. Exactly how much this option will cost has also not been confirmed, although screenshots shown during the event show a price of $4.99 per month, or about €4.12. We do know Italy Phone Number that this feature will focus on generating a sense of exclusivity and offering better content to subscribed followers, something that makes a lot of sense considering the character limitations of the standard Twitter format. Subscribed users will be able to access newsletters thanks to a collaboration between Twitter and the startup Revue.

Other Twitter News for 2021

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Recently acquired by the social network and designed to exploit the paid subscription to this type of content. The benefits of subscriptions will also include access to special discounts. And communities, another of the new features announced. By twitter and that we explain. In more detail in the next section. With the launch of super follows, twitter is offering a very juicy incentive. To influencers to create accounts and promote themselves. In its italy phone number network, which could potentially. Mean finally breaking the 350 million active user barrier and giving. A boost to engagement. . On the other hand. It is expected that twitter retains a commission for the price charged. To users, which would also help to strengthen its monetization.We look forward to seeing how Superfollow works in practice and if it manages to generate good results for Twitter.

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