What It Is and Advantages for Your Marketing

The divide between online and offline marketing is falling behind. According to the latest ecommerce study by iab spain, there are fewer and fewer users who buy only online or only in physical stores. In fact, 58% of consumers already combine both channels, What It Is and Advantages for Your Marketing and the future trend is for this figure to Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List reach 73%. To meet the expectations of these consumers, brands will need to be able to blend digital and physical experiences . The era of ” phygital ” is already here. Do you want to know how to transform your sales team offline to online? Click here and see the related course. Learn how to successfully find business opportunities

What Is the Phygital Experience?

In the digital environment. Phygital experience that is and advantages for your marketing what is the phygital experience? Phygital is a marketing trend that is based on combining ecommerce and physical stores , taking advantage of both to offer a Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List complete user experience. This trend has been enhanced after the changes experienced in 2020, which have led to an acceleration of electronic commerce but have also valued in-person experiences. A phygital event is a truly multi-channel experience that combines the benefits of the digital environment (such as immediacy, immersion and speed) with the possibility of physically interacting with people and the product.

Channels to Create Phygital Events

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In conclusion, The phygital experience is rooted in a customer journey that moves seamlessly from the physical to the digital world.Two examples of this are ropo and showrooming. The ropo (research offline, purchase online) consists of going. To a physical place to saudi arabia, whatsapp number list be able. To see and interact with the product and then buy it online. Taking advantage of possible discounts and home delivery facilities. What it is and advantages for your marketing. Showrooming, on the other hand. Consists of researching a product online and then going. To a physical store to make the purchase. For brands, phygital represents an opportunity. To improve the customer experience. By adapting to their consumption habits and preferences. Which leads us to increase brand satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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