What It Is and How to Increase Sales via Video

Video sales are booming. According to the video selling platform vidyard. One-on-one video conversations were present in 7%. Of sales processes in 2019 and 40% in 2020, and this trend is expected. To continue. What it is and how to uk whatsapp number list increase sales via video. Selling with video allows you to take advantage. Of one of the most popular formats of the moment to connect. With your target audience and generate more conversions.We tell you what video selling is , what types there are and how to implement it with HubSpot. Do you want to fully understand the inbound marketing of the future?

What Is Video Selling?

Click here and register for free in our complete training to develop a global strategy that will help you attract and convert users into customers. Video selling what is it and how to increase sales via video what is video selling? Video selling is the use of the UK WhatsApp Number List of pre-recorded or live video to engage with potential customers during the sales process , rather than using other forms of communication. In particular, it is recommended to add videos. To the phases closest to the sale, for example, to do an audit through. Video chat, clarify doubts, explain success .Stories or explain the use of a product through a tutorial. Video selling allows us to add a more personal element. To sales communications, since we can connect with potential. Customers in a closer and more emotional way. This increases the trust and credibility of the brand and,

Types of Video Selling

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Consequently, generates higher response and conversion rates. Video marketing is also very useful in the case of complex products since it makes it easy to explain concepts in a simple and immediate way. Types of video selling within video selling, we have two complementary options: use pre-recorded videos or live videos (either through video chat or streaming). What It Is and How to Increase Sales via Video Let’s see how each of them works. After that, Pre-recorded videos pre-recorded videos are especially useful for informing potential customers during the early stages of the sales process. Its great advantage is that they allow us to prepare and edit the content to ensure that everything goes perfectly. If you want to include pre-recorded videos

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