What They Are and How to Create a Memorable Experience

Packaging has always been an important element in marketing, but thanks to the popularization of unboxing videos, it is now more fashionable than ever. When consumers shop online, packaging is the first direct contact between the brand and the customer. It is a decisive factor for both branding and customer experience and can make the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List difference between a dissatisfied customer and a memorable experience. We tell you the keys to packaging and unboxing. Do you want to know the TOP 50 marketing strategies to launch your product ? Click here and download our free ebook (2022 updated edition). Packaging and unboxing what they are and how to create a memorable experience What is packaging?

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Packaging literally means “container”, but in the context of marketing, it means much more than that. The packaging is not only a functional wrapper for the product, but also communicates the brand’s message. Packaging, therefore, has several different objectives: Protect the product until it reaches its destination (either the point of sale or the Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List final consumer in the case of e-commerce). Facilitate the distribution and storage of merchandise. Serve as a cover letter for the product to draw the customer’s attention. Identify the product and the brand to differentiate itself from the competition and boost sales. Inform the potential customer about the characteristics of the product, for example, suggestions for use, expiration date, etc. With the rise of eCommerce, packaging takes on a special value, as it somehow replaces the experience at the point of sale.

Identify the Product and the Brand to Differentiate Itself

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Therefore, the need to be even more creative is generated to create surprising experiences and sensations through packaging. For the online consumer, the packaging is the first physical. Impression of the brand, and as such, it is decisive. In establishing the brand image and experience. The best packaging manages to create a memorable. Impact on the bosnia and Herzegovina whatsapp number list consumer while respecting. The global branding of the brand. The packaging can become an extra point of interaction with the consumer. For example, providing more information, discounts or a personalized message through qr codes.In short, we have at our disposal a whole world of possibilities to enrich the brand experience. It is also worth mentioning that the packaging must be in line with the consumer trends of a given moment.

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